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Every book group needs a leader like Professor Theoharis, who tempers his erudition and high expectations with wisdom, wit, and kindness.

Cecily Morse, Amaranth Society

Theo could offer to teach the phone book, and I would sign up in a nano-second after being in our group with him for 20 years. He is a superb teacher in every way, intellectually and personally.

Patricia Squire, Amaranth Society

JamesJoyce KarenBlixen

"Scholastic" is a term deriving from the Greek word that means "pertaining to leisure." School, ironically enough, means leisure time, originally, not in the sense of idleness or diversion, but in the sense of freedom to pursue activities that transform, dignify, and enhance mindful life. Fiction, poetry, and drama, as well as philosophy, history, and spiritual writing all present engaging forms for achieving such transformation, and those forms are not restricted to academic settings.

For over twenty years, I have been teaching classic and contemporary texts in literature and the humanities; not only at Harvard University, but also to individuals, families, and reading groups at home — and to professional organizations at work. It is always the right time to read the neglected great work for the first time or to return to it after enough experience has intervened to make that work's value and pleasure even greater than it was at first.

"Literature is news that stays news," was Ezra Pound's instructive promise, and it is a faithful and rewarding one. Contemporary writing abounds with similarly permanent news that's just emerged and has immediately relevant strength and beauty to offer.

So, to refresh yourself, to renew familial ties, to restore or create community, or to enhance creativity, satisfaction, and purposeful efficiency at work; you can contact me here or email me. The fees are set on a sliding scale depending on the size and frequency of meetings.

Theoharis C. Theoharis

James Joyce

Emily Dickinson

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Edith Wharton

Constantine Cavafy

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Henrik Ibsen

Virginia Wolf

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